The Guardian Angel AA Coin

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The Guardian Angel AA Coin

During the years of my active addiction in drinking there was no room in my thinking for the idea of supernatural beings that were sent to intervene in the lives of human beings.  Something like The Guardian Angel AA Coin might as well have been placed right beside Smurfs and Transformers, imaginary.  Yet, certain time after being sober and taught to listen and watch I began to think a bit differently.  And today after 12 years, 11 months and 16 days of continuous recovery from alcoholism I have quite a different view.  I believe in angels.  Many spiritual experiences later my ability to deny that something was going on outside of my physical ability to sense things began to become clear and understandable.  And in my alcoholic thinking I suppose I thought I might figure out how one works so that I could seek to use it to my benefit!  Yeah,  that didn’t quite pan out either.

The Guardian Angel AA coin serves as a wonderful reminder that God is at work in the lives of those that have turned to God.  The Guardian Angel AA Coin is in a classification of AA Coins known as Affirmation Coins.  They are used to reaffirm the recovering alcoholic along their journey of certain truths that are important on the journey.

The Guardian Angel AA Coin features an intricately designed angel on the front appearing with the circle triangle symbol that is synonymous with recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous.  The powerful reminder in large type on the reverse proclaiming “Guardian angel at my side to light and guard to rule and guide”.  These beautiful coins are offered in bronze as well as a stunning Tri-plate version.  These make a wonderful gift of encouragement to men and women in recovery from any addiction or affliction.

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Long before I ever understood the concept behind the host of heaven my sponsor acted plainly as a guardian angel in my recovery from alcoholism.  He was someone watching over my recovery from day to day and helping me to avoid pit falls and traps that I could not see nor understand were a danger to me.  One day maybe I will order one of these triplated versions to honor his hard work in helping me grow up in AA.