The 1 Month AA Coin


The 1 Month Alcoholics Anonymous Coin

Having begun the journey of a lifetime in recovery from alcoholism, achieving 1 month and receiving the 1 Month AA Coin seems like an absolute miracle to the real alcoholic who has suffered slavery to alcohol and experienced the torment of the internal condition after alcohol has quit working to medicate.

Limited research on the selection of color choices for the AA sobriety coins produced no real results.  If you have found further information on this and would like to offer it please add a comment to the comments section of this page!  The 1 Month AA Coins come in Red in Both Bright Star Press and Wendells varieties.  In contrast to the Silver 24 Hour Coin, the 1 Month AA Coin boldly declares a warning seldom headed by its recipients “Danger, rough times ahead”.  In my early days of recovery I began to feel a sense of purpose and camaraderie in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous.  The feeling that a solution to the problem of not fitting in and not belonging anywhere began to subside as I listened to the stories of others and watched as people received their AA coins.  Someone was always getting a fresh start with an AA 24 Hour Coin while every few meetings there would be one or two who received 1 Month AA Coins, 2 Month AA Coins, 3 Month AA Coins and sometimes AA Coins for multiple of years!  ‘How is that possible?’, I thought.  I had to admit that I was struggling.  I had received my 1 Month AA Coin but my whole world had fallen apart.  How was I to make it through with all the wreckage my life had become?  Yet I could not deny that I had made it through 1 Month of sobriety and had even experienced some good times with my new found friends in Alcoholics Anonymous.  ‘Just Stay Sober!’, they said, followed by “One Day At A Time!“.

The two most popular vendors for AA 1 Month Coins each have a distinct and varied traits in their designs though they both use much of the same.  Bright Star Press (pictured left) features a brighter more vibrant color in an anodized finish while the Wendells coin have a deeper more somber color in a Kalodized finish.  The inner circle on the BSP 1 Month Coin also consists of 12 line segments that represent the 12 principles of recovery.  Each sport the three legacies of AA in their own unique style.  I personally tend to prefer BSP over Wendells but to each their own as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

As we leave off the 1 Month AA Coin and all that it represents in the work of the recovering alcoholic to submit to a new way of life following the suggestions of proven sober experience, let us head toward the brilliant Gold of 2 Months!